DIRECTV for Hotels | 1-888-280-5553 | Satellite TV for Hotels and Lodging

DIRECTV for Hotels and Satellite TV for Hotels and Lodging.

DIRECTV sets the industry standard as the world’s leading provider of digital television services. Now with the DIRECTV residential experience for hotels your guests can enjoy all the benefits of DIRECTV when staying at your property.

Our service transforms guest rooms into living rooms and makes your hotel a home away from home for your visitors. They have the menu that they have at home they have all the sports channels they get all the HBO channels. Pretty much any channel you want you’re getting here watch your customer base grow along with your revenue. Having DIRECTV has boosted business and rated loyal customers coming back to our hotel.

As seen on the Travel Channel’s hit show Hotel Impossible. The addition of DIRECTV was the thrilling highlight of the shows big reveal moment. Voila. Oh my God our guests are gonna love it! Oh cool yeah.

With over 100 channels in stunning HD your guests will enjoy the ultimate viewing experience and full DVR functionality. Since they can pause rewind and record live TV they can watch what they want when they want it.

DIRECTV for Hotels | 1-888-280-5553 | Satellite TV for Hotels and Lodging

The guests response has been fantastic we get compliments all the time on the quality of the picture and the selection of channels that we have our HD program guide is faster smarter and easier to use than ever before and 30 million travelers love it because they already use it at home. Plus viewers can search for content with our simplified remote designed just for hotels and protected with an antimicrobial finish.

The guests really enjoy the remote it’s easy user friendly you can even co-brand the user display with your hotel logo and seamlessly integrate up to 50 custom channels to communicate directly with your customers at your individual location.

What we’ve done is guide customers to make them feel better about being here in this community.

In addition get DIRECTV’s unrivaled sports coverage with NFL Sunday Ticket in every guestroom at no extra charge. NFL package has been fantastic people love that on Sundays they get to watch whatever game they want. Plus NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings are included for your bar or restaurant. It gives them the option to whether they watch it in the lobby with group of friends or whether they watch it upstairs in their room.

A huge draw for sports fans it’s a great way to enhance your customers experience and differentiate your property from the competition. Certainly it’s one of the factors that bring customers back. With our advanced technology services available to more hotels than ever before. Now it can be installed in properties of all sizes anywhere in the country regardless of your wiring scheme the install was very simple it was quick and easy. It didn’t have any guests impact at all switch over took a matter of minutes not days or hours but rather whether minutes. The equipment has shrunk so much it doesn’t take much space. There’s not tons of cables. It’s fantastic DIRECTV’s Residential Experience is a powerful amenity that will increase guest satisfaction inspire repeat stays build customer loyalty and ultimately grow your revenue.

I would rate DIRECTV is a 10!

I’d give it a 10 it’s been very positive from our customers say they love it!

Make your guests feel at home in your hotel again and again because there’s no place like home especially when it has DIRECTV.

DIRECTV for Hotels | 1-888-280-5553 | Satellite TV for Hotels and Lodging

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DIRECTV for Hotels | 1-888-280-5553 | Satellite TV for Hotels and Lodging

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